Missing touch

I got my hair done yesterday.  It was the usual – color, wash, cut, dry, style.  A normal routine for many of ladies but there’s a part of that normal routine we take for granted — human touch.  Until you are without it you will never realize what a treasure – what a necessity — it is.  I never realized that Ryan’s briefest touch relieved so much stress and anxiety until his touch was gone.  That feeling of release when after a long day you roll over against your spouse and just feel their warmth.  I’m not talking about intimate touch; no, I am talking about simple, human touch.  The brush of a hand through your hair; the shoulder squeeze when he walks into a room; the back pat and hug for a job well done.  No one hugs or touches us as easily as our spouse.  Yes, our children do but let’s be honest – for them it is often more about receiving mama’s love than showering mama with love.  Our kids we wrap ourselves around but who wraps themselves around us when our spouse is gone?

Hug someone of the opposite gender long enough in public and lips will wag, the gossips will start.  Doesn’t matter how innocent the hug is, how comforting or how needed.  No, everyone else’s perspective will prevent you from accepting the offered care and concern.  Anyway, I digress.  Getting my hair done I almost fell asleep.  I felt so relaxed, so at peace and I realized in that moment the value of human touch.

Daniel 10:8 “Then this one with human appearance touched me again and strengthened me.”

The love of our God shines through all those we encounter – His love is what is in their touch.

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