A new year, a new you

I have entered into another new year as a widow.  There’s something about watching all the celebration around you – the loving couples kissing at midnight, the children with their fathers – that makes a place in my heart ache.  Yep, I had a pity party in the middle of a New Year’s party.  And while I know that is fairly normal for someone in my situation, I had to remind myself not to lose sight of all God has given me.

It’s so easy in a “keeping up with the Jones'” society to get caught up in what our neighbors have, but we aren’t living our neighbors’ lives.  We don’t know what is behind their closed doors or in the deepest recesses of their hearts and minds.  It is not our place to judge or to envy even those are two normal human emotions.  We are flawed, but we are already forgiven.

As I enter into this New Year I pledge to try to take stock of my blessings each day.  To turn my eyes from “the Jones'” and instead turn them inward.  To count both my memories and my moments as the gifts they are.  I can wallow in self-pity and in this society would likely be validated and justified – I mean, I did lose my husband to an accident in my 30s with two young children.  OR I can CHOOSE (God gave us choice folks!) to honor my late husband by living life fully.  I can embrace each moment and live it for both of us.  I can find joy in the mundane knowing in a way not everyone can that even the mundane is a gift that is only temporary while we are on this earth.

Welcome 2018.  I choose life.  I choose to live each day like it is a gift; a blessing from God.  What do you choose?

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