It’s the little things . . .

How many of us have taken for granted a rushed hug as we headed out the door to work?  A hand rubbed across our back or shoulders as we rolled over to go to sleep?  That quick peck on the cheek as you exchange kid duties with one parent coming and the other going?  Those little things . . . I took them for granted.

Of course my children hug me, my parents do, my friends do, my friends’ children do . . . but it just isn’t the same.  I’m so tired this week — teaching all day, coaching, shuttling kids, and an event every night keeping us out late.  I wanted nothing more than to snuggle into warm arms for moment of comfort, but they aren’t here anymore.  And now I realize all the moments that rushed through a hug or a kiss or a snuggle to move on to the next thing in life.  That’s when life gets in the way of living it, right?

Make it your goal this holiday season to not let life with all it’s demands and schedules and obligations be what drives you.  Instead, let time with loved ones, gestures of love, and a celebration of Christ’s birth be your driving force.  Scale down on the gifts, the commitments.  Scale up on the time spent with those you love.  Tell them you love them, hug a little longer.  Share the story of that fateful night in Bethlehem and watch Hallmark Christmas movies.  Celebrate the season by taking a break.

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