Celebrating the birth

In this holiday season I think too often people forget the true reason we celebrate – the birth of Christ.  His birth saved us; gave us eternal life.  In the same way the birth of our deceased loved ones gave us something too.

Yesterday my husband would have been 40.  So young but he departed even younger.  Because he is not here should we not celebrate him?  NO!  Like Jesus, his presence is evident in my daily life.  I see God and Jesus in each new birth; in rainbows and blooming flowers; in the smile of friends and the prayers of strangers.  My husband I see each time I look into my childrens’ eyes; each time I walk through the house I see memories of times past; in the china pattern and the decor my husband is there.  So yes, we still celebrate his birth.

My daughters and I played hooky from school yesterday and visited the zoo.  We have been members as a family for many years and it was a place we enjoyed together.  It was a gorgeous day – quiet and filled with smiles.  My girls made cookies from scratch and we finished the day with dinner at an old favorite restaurant.  My husband, their father, was in everything we did yesterday celebrating him.  Just because someone is gone physically doesn’t mean we have to let them be gone in every way.  Don’t mourn for your loss but celebrate their life.  Give them tribute through living and being joyful.  This is the greatest give we can give . . .  the gift of life; the gift Jesus gave us so long ago.

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